Traits in PHP

Hi all, today we will learn about “traits in php”.  As we know, PHP is a single inheritance language i.e. a class defined in PHP can’t inherit more than one class. “Traits” are introduced to solve this problem.


What are Traits?

“A Trait is similar to a class, but only intended to group functionality in a fine-grained and consistent way.” source

  • Trait is just like a helper class which group reusable code.
  • It helps to follow DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).
  • You cannot instantiate a Trait on its own.

Trait vs Interface

When we use Interface then the class which is implementing have to implement all the method but in Trait we can define many function and can use a few. In trait, we can give definitions of a function for ex. a function can perform some task and return value.


Let’s create two files main.class.php and child.class.php where child class inherits main class.

Now we will create a trait file to use in child class, so let’s create a trait file as message.trait.php

Now let’s create an object of child class and call showMessage method and get output as follows

“Hi from parent class Main::showMessage”

Now, to use trait we have to include file in child and use keyword “use” and updated file look as follows.

Create object of child class and call method showMessage and you can see output as follows

“Hi friends you are learning traits in php” which comes from showMessage function from trait.

Now create an object and call method sum with params 1 and 2 and you will get output as follows:

“Method called Child::sum Sum of 1 and 2 is 3” i.e. we can easily override trait function.

That’s it from traits, hope it will be a great add-on in your next project.


Top 5 Firefox Addons for a Web Developer


Web development is not an easy task but thanks to Firefox addons that makes development faster and easier. Today I am gonna talk about some of the firefox addons which I used for web development.


Firebug is used to edit HTML, Css and JavaScript within browser. It is also used for profiling requests, checking request time, cookie and js debugging, inspecting dom element, profiling ajax requests and many more. Get Addon


Web Developer Toolbar

This is one of the best plugin for a Web Developer, it is used for following purpose:

  • Validating Css, HTML and Links
  • View Responsive layouts
  • Checking external links, iframes, floating elements
  • Rulers and line guides can be used to check proper alignment
  • Magnifier for deep look into web page
  • Forms profiling
  • Detailed information of images
  • Creating and handling cookies
  • Disabling JS, cookies, java and meta redirect
    Get Addon



It is a screen capture and editing tool. You can capture visible screen, whole web page or a section of page. It also gives you the feature of editing images like adding text and pointing out specific elements using arrows, rectangle and circles. This is not all, you can share with others without login with just one click. Get Addon



It is used to uncover the technogies used on the website. It can detect several CMS, server side languages, JS and CSS libraries, analytics code and many more.

Get Addon



It prettifies json in the browser. It comes very handly while creating web application using JSON Api’s. Install plugin and check for changes here.

Get Addon


That all for today guyz, I hope these “Top 5 Firefox Addons for a Web Developer” will help you in increasing you productivity.